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We offer you little secrets in order to learn how to clean carpets and microfiber sofas properly. Learn why wall-to-wall carpets are not the best idea for your office.

Check tags and labels before carpet cleaning

All carpets should come with instructions about the right carpet cleaning methods. This is essential for oriental rugs since they require special treatments and products. Hence, make sure to get the necessary information when you buy them or refer to Carpet Cleaning Tustin for further instructions. Upholstery should have tags indicating a W for upholstery cleaning with water or S for dry cleaning.

How to clean microfiber sofas

It is good to check the label of the sofa. If you can use water methods for microfiber sofa cleaning, clean spots and dirt with a mixture of dish liquid and water. Make sure the sofa is vacuumed first. Dry the sofa well with the hair dryer set on the lowest possible heating level. If you cannot use water for sofa cleaning, use powder detergents instead.

Avoid wall-to-wall carpets at offices

Wall-to-wall carpets can make a nice impression and sound proof your office but they are not easily replaced. Stains and dirt are unavoidable in high traffic places such as companies and our carpet cleaning company in Tustin would rather suggest tiles in combination with Persian rugs at your private office or frequent professional carpet cleaning.

Do not place heavy objects on wool rugs

These not only flatten the fibers, but also prevent the normal circulation of air. At the same time, given their structure, the wool fibers tend to retain moisture inside them. When there is no ventilation, the moisture builds up and increases the risk of mold growth. Mold can cause serious damage to the rug and it may become extremely difficult or impossible to fix.

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