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We answer your questions about stain removal methods and have solutions to make carpet cleaning easy.

How much time handmade rugs take to get ready?

The value of handmade wool rugs is that they are unique. Craftsmen sacrifice many years of their lives to create just one rug. Most Persian rugs require about three or four years. Time is related to the size and complexity of motifs. They are made with natural colors and threads and, thus, preparation is also time-consuming. That's why they are so valuable and rug cleaning requires attention according to Carpet Cleaning Tustin experts.

Do I have to vacuum rugs on both sides?

Most dirt is collected at the bottom of rugs and that's why rug cleaning is not easy. Oriental rugs with high piles and dense weaving will not be vacuumed efficiently. It is important to vacuum them on both sides. Make an experiment with your doormat. Jump on it turning it ups and down. You will be amazed by the quantity of dust that comes out. This method with be helpful with dirty rug cleaning, too.

If a carpet gets wet and I can’t dry it right away, what should I watch out for?

Generally, there isn’t much to worry about if your carpet remains wet less than a day. However, if you let it stay wet for longer there is a big chance of mold appearing in the carpet within two days.

Are there any home-made remedies for eliminating odor in carpets?

When it comes to eliminating odor within the household, the very best thing to use would be vinegar. However, while vinegar has many properties which aid in removing foul odors, it has a powerful odor of its own. This is why it is important to always mix it with water.

Can pet-soiled and smelly carpets be cleaned?

Pets can be a hassle when it comes to maintaining clean carpets. Slobbering dogs, furry cats, and muddy paws can turn a pristine carpet into a filthy, smelly mess in no time. With the help of experts from Carpet Cleaning Tustin, these impromptu pet art projects with your carpets as the canvas can be cleaned without a trace.

How can I improve the efficiency of my weekly tile floor cleaning?

Start by vacuuming the floor to get better results from using the solution. When you apply the cleanser, let it soak into the tiles and the grout for some time. Usually, five minutes is perfectly sufficient. Rinse the floor with water while it is still wet.

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