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Main Carpet Maintenance Actions

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Residential carpet cleaning is easy and necessary for the good maintenance of the house and your own health. It is important to clean all rugs, doormats and carpets in the house to eliminate dust and enjoy a fresh environment without bad odors and the danger to develop allergies. Besides, the procedures are relatively easy since you have most things you need at home already but it would be preferable to combine them with sofa and upholstery cleaning for better effects at home.Main Carpet Maintenance Actions

The best detergents for carpet cleaning

Most stains can be removed easily with the mixture of water and cooking soda but, sometimes, carpet stain removal would require stronger detergents, especially if you are dealing with particular stains. You can also try some dish liquid and if it still doesn't come out, you should get a detergent for this special stain but you need to make sure it doesn't contain any chemicals, which would be released in the atmosphere and destroy the colors of handmade rugs. It would be best always to choose ecofriendly products.

How to get rid of usual carpet problems once and for all

For effective stain removal, dab the spot with a cloth soaked with water and vinegar several times. This is the best procedure for easy stains and you might have to repeat it, if it is persistent. It would be smart to use vinegar and cooking soda in different times but several times every year. They would both absorb stains, revive the colors and are excellent with odor removal. If you have valuable rugs, it would help to keep them out in the balcony or yard for a day or two. You can beat them, clean them, dry some wet spots and give them the chance to breathe.

Watch out for water damage

If you keep doing mold inspection and finding signs of moisture, it is possible that the main plumbing problem has not been resolved. You should check the whole system again and the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Tustin would also suggest placing rugs in a different place, if it is transferable, till the problem is solved and checking the wool rugson both sides to avoid surprises.

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