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Inexpensive Solutions for Carpet Stains: Do Not Go Overboard

09/15/2013 Back To Blog

There are plenty of simple techniques that you may want to use in order to get rid of stubborn carpet stains. Tustin is full of shops that sell the latest formulas for this but that does not mean that homemade solutions do not work. In fact many people in CA start with homemade solutions and only look for professional carpet cleaning support when everything else has failed. Moreover homemade solutions are as good as any eco friendly carpet cleaning products out there.Inexpensive Solutions for Carpet Stains: Do Not Go Overboard

The simplest approaches to carpet maintenance

There is always a role for a carpet cleaning company especially if you are dealing with complex jobs. However you need not run immediately to the nearest carpet cleaning services provider if you take the time to study the tips that are readily available on this type of maintenance work. For example chocolate can be problematic if left to spread. However this is something that can easily be achieved with the help of a white-vinegar and detergent solution.

Coffee and crayon carpet stains

Once you realize that there is coffee on the carpet, you should blot it immediately. Dry cleaning fluid can be used together with the homemade solution of vinegar and detergent. Make sure that the area is vacuumed when it is dry. In the case of crayon stains, you need to scrape away the top layer of the material. Put a blotter over the area and then try to press it using an iron (preferably warm). This will allow the blotter to pick up the crayon stain after it has melted. You can then use dry-cleaning fluid and a vacuum.

Fruit and gravy carpet stains

Do not allow the fruit to set under any circumstances. Quick action will save the day and time. Make sure that the fruit has been scraped off and then follow it up with the standard solution treatment. Gravy follows the same rules but you need to get rid of as much spillage as possible before moving on to the cleaning process. Similar tips work for mud and salad dressing carpet stains. You can easily find great carpet cleaning solutions.

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