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How to Keep Carpets Clean

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

Clean homes would mean healthy homes and home carpet washing is one way of achieving it and neutralizing imminent enemies hidden among the fibers. Though, it is crucial to understand that the methods and products will actually play a vital role to the results and would also depend on various parameters. Keeping the carpets clean takes a whole different meaning in households with many children of young age and pets and it would not be required as often in homes with low foot traffic. In any case, it is a meaningful and important procedure that can protect your home and health.How to Keep Carpets Clean

Carpet sanitizing is extremely important and for those doubting its meaning, they should consider the following reasons.

  1. Keeping the floors clean is vital for each home but rug washing has a special meaning because the fibers will actually capture pet hair, soak pet urine and any liquids spilled and they will get really dirty with food crumbs, dust or mud.
  2. When unclean carpets get soaked with water from a broken pipe or pet urine, they will allow the development of mold. It's not always easy to inspect mold and you can be sure that mildew extraction is hard, too.
  3. Whether there is mold on the carpets or the rugs are just dirty, your health will be affected tremendously.
  4. Filthy rug washing will constitute to the long-lasting and great condition of the carpets.

Basic steps for carpet maintenance

You need to follow three basic rules to keep your floors clean and your health shielded.

*It is recommended to maintain carpets at least once a year but the frequency would also depend on whether you have pets and small kids. Carpet preservation should include a good inspection of the carpet for mildew, good cleaning on both sides – in the case of rugs, application of green, good products and possible repairs.

*Blot extraction is best to take place the minute you stain the carpets. This way, you will have effective results, especially when it comes to difficult blots and pet urine.

*Your carpets would also need frequent cleaning with the vacuum and proper ventilation. You can use vinegar for smell extraction and must take care of moisture problems right away.

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